9. März 2023

GISKB crane system for a safe animal transport

GIS crane systems are not only used for transporting goods and work pieces, but sometimes also for transporting animals. The Schönbühl veterinary clinic, for example, applies a GISKB monorail with electric chain hoist to move anaesthetised horses onto the treatment table and then into the recovery boxes.
A sedated horse is transported to the treatment table with the GISKB crane system

In addition to the well-being of small animals, the health of horses is the focus of the Schönbühl Veterinary Clinic. For stationary care, there is a treatment hall with an emergency stand, an adjoining operating room with 2 cushioned lying down and recovery rooms and numerous horse boxes. Here, the animals are lovingly cared for, monitored and looked after around the clock.

In the clinic's operating room, a GISKB monorail is used to transport the anaesthetised horses quickly yet safely. The animals are sedated in the preparation box and then put under anaesthesia. As soon as the horses are stable under narcosis, they are attached to the electric chain hoist of the crane system while they are asleep and are gently moved to the treatment table with this monorail. After the procedure, the horse is carried by crane to the recovery box, where it slowly regains consciousness.

The crane system in use is designed as a linear overhead monorail. This has two straight sections with lengths of 9.5 m and 5 m, which are connected with a 90° curve. All lifting and travelling movements are carried out electrically, conveniently controlled by a control switch. Travel limit switches ensure automatic switching from normal to slow travel speed at the predefined points. For the lifting process, the system is equipped with a GIS electric chain hoist GP500, which offers a load capacity of 1000 kg.

Although for once it is not a production hall but a veterinary clinic, this example shows very well, how the routing of the GISKB monorails can be adapted to the local conditions with millimetre precision thanks to curves and switches. This results in an economical solution for goods handling, or in this case for animal transport, from one workstation to the next.

Technical data / fact sheet

GISKB Monorail with curve

Lifting capacity

1000 kg

Crane track length

Straight sections (9.5 m + 5 m) connected with 90° curve


Pendulous suspensions mounted to concrete ceiling

Lifting height

3.2 m (Room height: 3.978 m)

Cross travel

With frequency controlled electric tug

GIS electric chain hoist

GP500/2NF, lifting speed 4/1 m/min


4-button control switch with emergency stop, control cable length: 2.6 m

Special features
  • Electric chain hoist with food-grade gear grease
  • Travel limit switch 1-stage (normal to slow speed)


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A horse is moved onto the operating table with an overhead track with curve
An anaesthetised horse is placed on the treatment table with the help of a GIS crane system

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