Green Policy and Sustainability at GIS Lift Turn Move Ltd

GIS Lift Turn Move Ltd recognises that as a company our work may have a direct or indirect impact on the local, regional and global environment. We are committed to minimising our negative impacts and acting in a sustainable way, meeting the needs of the present without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs.

Of all our activities we are aware that our printing activities are the area with the greatest environmental impacts, and we have taken steps to reduce these impacts and encourage our customers to do so as well.

Waste Reduction:

We try to eliminate waste at source and some of the ways we do this is:

  • The use of electronic communications - unless our customers request otherwise we send all our quotes, invoices and other communications via email. This saves on both paper and also carbon miles for postage
  • It is company policy that any document that does need to be printed is done where possible in draft format to use the as little waste ink as possible.
  • We reuse paper where possible – printing on both sides and using the waste paper as packing.


We recycle whenever possible:

  • At the end of its practical life any hardware is cleared of information and passed to the local Environ office, or equivalent, to be refurbished or used as parts.


Like all companies our purchasing decisions are influenced by cost, however this by no means our only consideration, and we make a conscious effort to ensure we are buying from sustainable sources which are local if possible:

  • We do not purchase new packaging materials but reuse packaging for all deliveries of goods
  • Wherever possible we try and purchase goods and services locally, to help the local economy and to reduce carbon miles


At GIS Lift Turn Move Ltd we have undertaken a commitment to make our travel as green as possible:

  • We combine shipments of goods where ever possible, to reduce our mileage, and subsequently our carbon emissions
  • Whenever possible members of staff work from home, with the majority of in-house conversations taking place by email
  • Travelling to exhibitions or visits using public transport in the form of buses or trains whenever possible

Energy Usage:

All our computers and electronic equipment and switched off every night, saving energy.